Re: GTK-2.0 statically linked application does not work

Havoc Pennington wrote:

> michael <michael itk1 bas-net by> writes:
> > All needed packages rebuilded with "--enable-static" option too.
> --enable-static just means "build static libraries"
> To use a fully statically linked GTK 2 you also need to be sure there
> aren't any dlopen() modules. The normal ones are in Pango, gdk-pixbuf,
> and GTK input methods.
> The configure options are something like --with-included-modules,
> I don't remember exactly. It may even be in the docs in the "compiling
> GTK" section, hopefully.

The problem was with pixbuf loader. I have added --with-include-loaders,
and now all works.
Thank you

Michael Gavrosh

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