Re: colormap need/should be a global object???

Christian Seberino <seberino spawar navy mil> writes:

> I need to add all colors to colormap to use them.
> So...
> If I have lots of subroutines and I want all subroutines
> to be able to do GTK+ stuff does that mean I need
> to make colormap VISIBLE to everything????
> It sounds like I need colormap to be global if I don't
> want to pass it in every parameter list?
> Newbie question I know.

Reasons for multiple colormaps:

 - Some hardware supports multiple simultaneous visuals (8 bit and 24 bit)

 - In the days when 8 bit was common, sometimes the only way of handling
   limited colors was to install a different colormap on different windows
   and change the colormap with the focus.

 - In GTK+-2.2, GTK+ will support multiple simultaneous displays; each
   will have it's own set of colormaps.

Generally, with GTK+-2.0, the idea is that you can just use the default
colormap (what gtk_widget_get_colormap() returns for your widget) and
things will work well.



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