Re: SegFault with GnomeCanvas (Polygon)

> 1) how big are your polygons?
> 2) which version of libart?
> 3) do you know how to use gdb? reporting a segmentation fault is not
>       particularly useful by itself. either use gdb to get a backtrace
>       so you can see precisely what goes wrong, and/or produce a
>       little test case on the order of 100 lines or so.

Hy Paul,

First thank you for your reply :-)

1) Do you mean if they are pentagons, hexagons, or bigger? In fact I'm
displaying quadrilatere (4 sides polygons), I cannot use rectangle are I
don't have always a rectangular angle and it can be looking sometimes a bit
trapezoid or parallelogram-ish... They are about a 100 pixels wide for 50

2) I'm using libart_lgpl 2.2.0 -- Gtk 1.2.10 -- Gnome 1.2.13

3) I don't have debug feature for Gtk/GNOME so the only thing I know is that
I'm getting seg-fault (and no core dump....) on the call of
gnome_canvas_item_set. I can make a little test case and send it to the list
once it is done (later in the afternoon or maybe tomorrow...)

Once again, thank you :-))


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