Re: SegFault with GnomeCanvas (Polygon)

>    Hello,
>When using the Polygon item in a GnomeCanvas (with the "aa" option ON : it's
>about using libart instead of GDK to draw, I think...) we are getting a
>segmentation fault after having changing a few times the fill and borderline
>color of this object.
>We are changing the colors each time the user "select" a polygon. We are
>using the following code to create and change the color of a polygon :

1) how big are your polygons?
2) which version of libart?
3) do you know how to use gdb? reporting a segmentation fault is not
      particularly useful by itself. either use gdb to get a backtrace
      so you can see precisely what goes wrong, and/or produce a
      little test case on the order of 100 lines or so.


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