RE: pixmap doesn´t show in drawing_area

>I found a solution by myself; it was a really beginner´s mistake :o
>The error occurred because I had no expose_event for my drawing_area. I
>thought you don´t need it if you just want to draw a single item without
>moving your window and so on.

that's right, i think that it is a silly caracteristic... but that's the way it is..

>My second mistake was I called my file draw_area.cpp. GTK doesn´t
>support C++?!

Is not GTK that suports C++, is C++ that suports all C librarys...
I'm working with C++ using GTK+, and it works perfectly..
show me the error that occurs when you compile in C++... compile with
all warnings (-Wall -ansi -pedantic)
And when you include C librarys in C++ do it in this way:

extern "C"{
#include <gtk/gtk.h>
#include <gdk/gdk.h>


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