Re: GTK-2.0 statically linked application does not work

Havoc Pennington wrote:
michael <michael itk1 bas-net by> writes: 
All needed packages rebuilded with "--enable-static" option too.

--enable-static just means "build static libraries"

To use a fully statically linked GTK 2 you also need to be sure there
aren't any dlopen() modules. The normal ones are in Pango, gdk-pixbuf,
and GTK input methods.

The configure options are something like --with-included-modules,
I don't remember exactly. It may even be in the docs in the "compiling
GTK" section, hopefully.
Speaking of linking statically, why is there no simple method to get the option needed to statically link an application against glib/gdk/gtk
(and so on) libraries ?

pkg-config (glib-config, gtk-config, in the old pre-2.0 days) has no option to return such options.

I already posted on this subject on 17th february 2002 with a patch for glib-config 1.2 (this had already been posted back in 1998).

A "pkg-config --static-libs glib-2.0" would be a definite improvement (and a cheap one at that).

If this list is not the right one to make such a request, be so kind as to show me the right path ;o)

Have a nice day.

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