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> Sent: Thursday, 21 March 2002 03:04
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> Subject: performance issues on win32
> Now I noticed some considerable performance loss in the 
> ported version when compared to the original Linux version.
> Did anyone meet the same problem and possibly solved it?

Some things are a lot slower, but some are faster, in my very limited

I am doing some comparisons of gdk-level functions (because that's what my
app does). I posted some interim comparisons a while ago based on v1.3.10 to
and I have now redone them for  V2.0 and updated the page. They have
improved a bit over the 1.3.10 but the major differences are still present.

My next step is to attempt to do the same benchmarks using native Win-32
graphics ops to see what baseline I should expect. However that will take me
some time, since I've never done Win-32 stuff before. Can anyone direct me
to some sample code for trivial ops like drawing pixels, lines and

I presume none of this is of any use to 95% of GTK apps, since they will get
held up on other bottlenecks, which my tests are not looking at.

Cameron Davidson,

CSIRO Manufacturing Science and Technology     Phone: +61 7 3327 4535
Qld Centre for Advanced Technologies           Fax:   +61 7 3327 4455
Technology Court,
Pullenvale, Qld, 4069

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