Re: gtk2.0 theme engine error


Nick Soffe <nick soffe bioch ox ac uk> writes:

> I'm new to this list but have enjoyed using gtk1.2 for a year or so. I
> have just installed gtk2.0  on my RH7.2 system. I first upgraded pkg-config
> from V 0.7.0 to 0.8.0 and loaded the binary RPM's from the gtk web site.
> The installation seemed to go fine with no errors. I was able to compile
> the "hello world" program which runs ok but produces the error message
> Gtk-WARNING**;Unable to locate theme engine in module_path:"raleigh",.
> There is a directory /usr/lib/gtk/themes which seems to contain the right
> files. I assume I have some library paths wrong somewhere. Can anyone
> offer some tips? Gtk1.2 is still installed and working fine.Sorry if this
> has been covered, I found nothing in the recent archives.

theme engines for gtk+-2.0.0 are located in 

I don't think that the raleigh engine has been ported to gtk+-2.0 yet
but iirc the default look of gtk+-2.0 is pretty much what the raleigh
theme looks like anyway.

Salut, Sven

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