& i need help

Firts of all, i'm new to gtk an linux in general, i just change for, you know
the other  Os, :) , i'm on a redhat 7.2 system, i downloaded gtk 2, 
when i installed linux it installed gtk 1.2, but then i read that some things
have changed, so i decided to upgrade gtk, since i'm starting on this
i do not want to learn and later 'relearn' everything, but it doesn't work
i can't find gtk-config anywhere on my disk, nothing compiles, and 
all the programs based on gtk don't work, a think this is because of the
version numbers, but i can't compile anything either, so..

i installed all the packages in rpms/i386, that will be:


and, of course all the devel pakages
so i need help, please, anybody
thanks in advance!!!


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