A desperate plea to the GTK developers

Hi everyone, especially the GTK developers!

This is a *desperate* plea to all the GTK developers to provide
documentation describing a widget's life cycle and the signals
it receives throughout it.

I've been banging my head against the proverbial brick wall
for two days now (having never used GTK before) and cursing
the endless webpages of API documentation devoid of any real
information on signals (and I almost daren't mention the
endless screenfulls of blank API docs for the simplest things
like the GtkWidget).

How does anyone actually learn how to make an application
using this toolkit when the most fundamental information
simply isn't written anywhere? And sadly, after what I am told
is a three year wait, the API docs have the same gaping holes
in them!

Please. No, I'll try that again. PLEEEEEEAAASE! can we have
documentation. Good, wholesome, exhaustive, divine documentation!
It honestly isn't any good when all the key information is locked
away in the heads of a few experts. The rest of us want to play
with GTK too! :)

If, in my haste, I've passed over a central resource of information
detailing all of the above and more, then please ignore this mail
and send me the URL that everyone else seems to know about. On the
other hand, I doubt such a thing exists, and I can't find what
I need on gtk.org (and believe me its not for want of trying!).

So please. Pretty please. If anyone out there is listening. Can
we have some documentation?



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