Re: Gtk2.0 compilation hum... issues...

Thanks Sven,

>Again, config.log is a good place to look what went wrong.

You were right, I should had looked better into 
config.log (actually I red it a couple of times, 
but not as carefully as after reading your message :-) )

It turns out that configure checked for pnglib, which
depends on zlib, which was not found (usually I set
my own -I and -L directives, so usually this was not 
required) at link time (though it would be at run time
because it was in /etc/ A sym link at
/usr/local/lib solved the problem.

make then complained that the new pnglib and the
old zlib were not compatible, so I downoaded and
installed brand new zlib. Surprisingly make kept failing,
because png.h changed since 1.0.06 (Current libs seem to be 
zlib-1.1.4 libpng-1.0.12). Eventually I switched to the 
1.5 year old z/png libs and everything compiled fine, 
including all the examples which are running just fine.

Thanks again,

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