Re: Gtk2.0 compilation hum... issues...


Carlos Pereira <carlos pehoe civil ist utl pt> writes:

> 1) Running ./configure for pango, it stops
> with an error saying that it can compile but not 
> run the glib test... (of course this is with 
> /etc/ and /sbin/ldconfig.)
> 2) Oh well, using --disable-glibtest, I can compile 
> and install both pango and atk, which so far seems 
> to solve the problem.

seems like a bad idea. Better fix your setup so the
test program can be built. Check config.log to see
what is going wrong.

> 3) Regarding ./configure for gtk, it stops with an error 
> saying that it cannot find png. I had one png-1.0.6
> hapilly running, after this problem I compiled 
> and installed png-1.0.12, the latest version. 
> The problem remains, so now I have two libpng in 
> my system, that compile and run well with other programs, 
> but gtk configure is totally unable to find them.
> in spite of the symlinks in /usr/lib and /usr/local/lib
> and /etc/ plus /sbin/ldconfig.

you need to set the compiler environment so it can find
libpng and its headers. Again, config.log is a good place
to look what went wrong. Assuming that libpng is installed
in the /usr/foo prefix, you will need to set the
environment variables 


Salut, Sven

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