Re: PangoFontMetrics

From: Havoc Pennington <hp redhat com>

Rather than fooling with font metrics, you probably just want to call

If you need a PangoLanguage gtk_get_default_language() is the simplest


Thanks a lot for the help . I am using pango_layout_get_extents()
but I think using the above call I can get the width and height
of the string I am using but not the ascent and descent .

Please correct me if I am wrong but ascent and descent is different
than the height ...and to get the ascent and descent i got to use
the PangoMetrics (is it??).

I have one more doubt does the Layout know about the font being used , because the height/width etc for the string will depend
on the font being used. I did a pango_load_font that correct ??


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