Re: question about the GtkEventBox and GtkFixed

>i have a gtkfixed to contain pixmap-widgets and a table of eventboxes to
>get the events from the gtkfixed. both (the fixed and the 
>eventboxtable) are attached into a big table named gRootTable at the same
>my problem looks as follows:
> when i first put the fixed into the gRootTable and then the
>eventboxtable, it overdraws the eventboxes and prevents the eventboxes in
>the table from getting the events.
> but when i first put the eventboxtable into gRootTable and then the
>fixed, i cannot see the pixmaps which are in the fixed.
>is there a function to make the fixed let through all events and just show
>the contained widgets or is there a function to let the eventboxes let the
>pixmaps 'shine' through the table?

GTK doesn't support overlapping widgets.

If you want to do this kind of thing, you should use the Canvas widget
from GNOME, which as of GNOME 1.3/2.0, does not require you to use any
part of GNOME that is not also required by GTK+.

But as an aside, since the GtkFixed has its own window, why use the
table of eventboxes? Just get mouse events from the GtkFixed, get the
coordinates, and figure out where they occured.


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