question about the GtkEventBox and GtkFixed

i have a gtkfixed to contain pixmap-widgets and a table of eventboxes to
get the events from the gtkfixed. both (the fixed and the 
eventboxtable) are attached into a big table named gRootTable at the same
my problem looks as follows:
 when i first put the fixed into the gRootTable and then the
eventboxtable, it overdraws the eventboxes and prevents the eventboxes in
the table from getting the events.

 but when i first put the eventboxtable into gRootTable and then the
fixed, i cannot see the pixmaps which are in the fixed.

is there a function to make the fixed let through all events and just show
the contained widgets or is there a function to let the eventboxes let the
pixmaps 'shine' through the table?

thx for answering my question.


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