GTK+-2.0.0 "release candidate" tarballs

We've put up nearly final tarballs for:



What's supposed to be final in these tarballs:

 - The API
 - The ABI
 - The sonames
 - The build process
 - Virtually all of the code

What's not final yet:

 - Release notes
 - Installation documentation
 - A few treeview fixes (in particular, #70782 and #72729 on
 - Any small fixes that turn up in the next few days.

What you should do with these tarballs:

 - Try building them on as many different systems as possible

 - Send reports of successful compilation to gtk-devel-list gnome org (we wouldn't
   mind if you took a look a the archives at:

   first to check if someone already has sent in a report on a similar system).
   Information about operating system, distribution, compiler, X version
   is all useful.

 - File bug reports on about problems you have.

What you should not do with these tarballs:

 - Build binary packages for distribution. These packages are
   internally versioned the same as the final 2.0.0 packages and
   having them widely distributed will cause confusion.

 - Build applications against these versions for release. While
   strongly expect that there will be no further ABI or API changes, there 
   is no guarantee of this until we release the final 2.0.0.
   (End of this week.)

Other notes:

 - Please see the 1.3.15 release announcement at:

   For information about dependencies and other details that I haven't included here.

 - We would recommend that you use GNU make. While other varieties of make may
   work, we've received some reports of problems.

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