Re: pangoxft-font.lo Error

I run Slackware 8.1. I suppose my glibc should be
alright then.

--- Jeff Trefftzs <trefftzs tcsn net> wrote:
> Hi Ibrahim -
> You didn't say what version of Linux you're running,
> but in case 
> it's as old as mine (Red Hat 6.1), there is a bug in
> the glibc 
> libraries.  Iconv doesn't work right.  I filed a bug
> report on 
> it, but the word back from bugzilla is that there
> are no plans 
> to fix it.  Later releases of glibc do it right, so
> there is 
> really no need to go back and tweak obsolete
> versions.
> Not that this answers your compilation question, but
> I thought 
> you might like to know what other obstacles may crop
> up.
> Regards,
> Jeff Trefftzs

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