Re: Non dialog gtkfileselector

Found out the problem, Gtk has it's own copy of  fnmatch.h and
you have to use it, Don't use the one that comes with SGI.

Just in case anyone ever runs into this problem

bhendrick wrote:

> I have created a non dialog version of the gtkfileselector to use "embedded"
> in my application.
> This is currently a gtk1.2 version. I copied the gtkfileselection widget and
> renamed
> all the parts like GtkFileselection to another name so I won't have any
> conflicts with
> the original file selection widget. This widget works on Suns and Linux
> boxes but
> SGI the directory tree gets all messed up when you double click a directory.
> Example
> if the dirlist shows the following
> ./
> ../
> dir1/
> dir2/
> and I doubleclick dir2 I will get something close to this instead of any
> subdirectories in dir2
> ./
> ../
> ./ ./
> ./ ../
> ../dir1
> ../dir2
> I am beginning to think this is a special compiler option for the SGI I am
> missing
> because the normal file selection widget works.
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