Re: Good Vector graphics format

On Mon, 17 Jun 2002, Robert Lugg wrote:
> I am looking to support/implement a vector based graphics format.  The
> issue is to determine which one is best.  I would like to be able to
> import them into the following:
> [...]
> I have created a WMF (Windows Meta-file) version, but I don't like that
> format at all.  AutoCad might be alright, but even that isn't always
> importable.  Postscript is great, but isn't "robustly" importable (i.e.
> you often can't always edit it or print it to a non-postscript printer)
> I am looking into the SVG (scaleable vector graphics) format.  It might
> not work for older apps, but might be accepted and be supported the
> most.

Take a look at libsvg.  A good program that works with
SVG file format is sodipodi.

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