Good Vector graphics format

I am looking to support/implement a vector based graphics format.  The
issue is to determine which one is best.  I would like to be able to
import them into the following:

Word, Powerpoint
"Linux apps"

The idea to get have one format without many features, but is importable
into anything.  Another "bonus" is easy use within MS Office.

As far as features:
1.  I want it to last forever (wide usage)
2.  It needs to support megs of simple polygons (only 90 and 45 degree
angles required).
3.  No animation
4.  Limited (255) colors needed
5.  ability to "group" several polygons together.
6.  yes, it must be a vector format

I have created a WMF (Windows Meta-file) version, but I don't like that
format at all.  AutoCad might be alright, but even that isn't always
importable.  Postscript is great, but isn't "robustly" importable (i.e.
you often can't always edit it or print it to a non-postscript printer)

I am looking into the SVG (scaleable vector graphics) format.  It might
not work for older apps, but might be accepted and be supported the

Does anyone have any ideas or experience using these format?


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