Re[2]: GtkTextView

Hello, Jarek.

18 июня 2002 г., 20:26:07 you wrote:

>> I have a GtkTextView packed in a GtkTable. I don't know beforehand how
>> much text will be in that GtkTextView, but I would like it to display
>> a vertical scrollbar if its height reaches 300 pixels (instead of
>> growing more). How can I get this behaviour? Maybe I need to connect
>> to some signal of GtkTextView or GtkTable?
JD> Can't you just put the GtkTextView into a GtkScrolledWindow and the
JD> scrolled window into the table? I've never used TextView so I don't know
JD> if it can work with scrolled window, but you can give it a try.
I tried to do this, but then, if I have initially a short string and I
append more characters to it, the scrollbar appears immediately
instead of increasing the height of a GtkTextView. I want the
scrollbar to appear only when the height of the GtkTextView reaches
the given maximum of, say, 300 pixels.

 Phil                          mailto:phil mail ru

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