Re: Linux -> win32 cross-compile

On 2002.06.18 10:45 Robbert Haarman wrote:
> Well, I got good news and bad news. I got my hello.c to compile (mingw 
> needs the libraries _after_ the object file, I had them before). That's 
> the good news. The bad news is that running it under wine gives the 
> following error:
> Gtk-ERROR **: Incompatible build!
> The code using GTK+ thinks GtkBox is of different
> size than it actually is in this build of GTK+.
> On Windows, this probably means that you have compiled
> your code with gcc without the -fnative-struct switch,
> or that you are using an unsupported compiler.
> aborting...
> I added the -fnative-struct switch, but to no avail. I haven't tested 
> the program on a real Windows box yet (I don't have one), but it seems 
> unlikely that it will work there. Any hints? I tried a Google search for 
> the error, but that didn't get me any further. Anyway, I think I have 
> gathered enough material for a mini-HOWTO now. :-/

The problem is almost certainly with -fnative-struct as the
error message says. Did you add -fnative-struct to the compile
flags and make sure that all modules were recompiled with that

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