Linux -> win32 cross-compile

Excuse me if this has been asked already, I haven't been able to find it 
anywhere. I develop software with GTK as my GUI ToolKit of choice, and I 
would love for my friends to see my work. However, they run various kinds 
of Windows, and I can't afford to run a Windows box myself. My question, 
then, is: Can anyone give me any help on cross-compiling GTK 2 apps from 
Linux to Windows?

I have mingw32 installed, and I tried to compile GTK from source, but 
failed (glib wouldn't compile because it doesn't believe gettext is 
installed). I then grabbed some binary and devel packages from the GIMP 
for Windows website, so I should have GTK and all the dependencies 
installed now. However, when I try to compile a simple Hello World app 
using the header files from the devel-packages, gcc barfs out tons of 
parse errors and other things that could be caused by corrupted files. 

When I compile with the Linux header files, it goes fine, but linking 
against the libraries I have fails. The libraries come as both .dll-files 
(e.g. libgtk-win32-2.0-0.dll) and .dll.a-files (e.g. libgtk-win32-
2.0.dll.a). Which type should I link against and how? I tried linking 
against the .dll.a files, but the linker complains about unresolved 
symbols, even though nm reports that the symbols are in fact resolved. Am 
I doing something completely wrong here?

Any help appreciated. Cheers,


        A very expensive part of the memory system of a computer that no 
        is supposed to know is there.

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