Re: Shrinking GTK for PDA usage


Michael Taht <mtaht mvista com> writes:

> As I recall, (author of directfb, and many other useful
> things) bet heavily on gtk 2.0 shipping on time for their line of MHP
> based products. At least in part, the year+ delay in releasing gtk+2.0
> put them on hiatus (effectively out of business) in september of last
> year. (They recently got ressurected by being bought)

you recall this wrongly. I'm working for convergence and the release
date of GTK+-2.0 has never been an issue here.

> As an aside: Java-centric guys do bug me, I recall a conversation with
> an <unnamed> MHP company (not convergence) where I asked about using
> third party apps (say, a game, or mozilla) in conjunction with their
> MHP. The answer - "Rewrite it in Java and use our APIs!" - was far from
> satisfactory.

as you can imagine we are using DirectFB as the graphics backend for
Java as well. But this discussion starts to become off-topic. Feel
free to contact me privately (or at sven convergence de) if you want
to continue this discussion.

Salut, Sven

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