Re: Shrinking GTK for PDA usage


Luis Oliveira <luismbo netcabo pt> writes:

> Well, there are many apps already that depend on X I guess, and
> extensions like XTest for instance. Can xdirectfb replace those?
> The XTest extension is very important. Fundamental apps like xkbd
> (virtual keyboard) and xstroke (writing recognizer) depend on that.
> Also, what's the point of running directfb + xdirectf vs running X11?
> Is it worth it?

XDirectFB is definitely of no use for a PDA. XDirectFB is an X server
using DirectFB to access the hardware. What I was suggesting was to
drop the use of an X server altogether. Of course apps like xkbd and
xstroke would have to be ported and you'd loose some X11 features that
DirectFB cannot offer (namely network transparency).

The XTest extension is basically used to emulate keyboard events,
right? That's not rocket science. We have written a library that
allows to do just that in less than 100 lines. Check out DiVine
(DirectFB Virtual Input extension) from our CVS server in case you
are interested.

I'm not going to talk you into DirectFB any further; it's your
choice. I was just wanted to know which X11 features are important
to you so that we can consider to add them.

Salut, Sven

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