Re: Re[2]: ISO language codes


Phil Krylov <phil mail ru> writes:

> SN> In what way would Pango use ISO language codes ?
> The documentation for GtkTextTag "language" property says:
> > "language" (gchararray : Read / Write)
> >
> > The language this text is in, as an ISO code. Pango can use this as a
> > hint when rendering the text. If you don't understand this argument,
> > you probably don't need it.
> If Pango doesn't really use those codes (at the moment), I would still
> like to set this property to be able to generate the appropriate RTF
> keywords when exporting text from GtkTextBuffer to RTF.

I didn't say it wouldn't use the language code. I was just trying to
assure that we speak about the same thing before I answer.

As described in the documentation for pango_language_from_string(),
the language codes are in the format described in RFC 3066:

the ISO 639 language codes can be found for example here:

Perhaps the GtkTextTag documentation should mention which ISO standard
it refers to. IIRC, there's at least one different ISO standard that
refers to languages (but I can't remember which one it was) and this 
could lead to confusion. Perhaps you should file a bug-report asking
for improvements to the documentation?

Salut, Sven

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