Re: Beginner

put a changed - signal handler to all entries..
   this handler can set a boolean for each entry to TRUE..
in this changed signal handler, if all booleans become TRUE, do the necessary processing..


David Aliaga wrote:

Hello. This is a beginners question, and I would
appreciate if someone answer it.

I have create a window with GTK with some entry
widgets in it.I want to use them to initialize some
parameters in a program I am writing.

So in my program I have:

// some other things...

create_window(); // the function that creates the


// Some processing


My question is how do I "stop" the execution of the
program until the values in the entry widgets have
been set?
I tried to put a variable "set" and to wait in an
infinite loop until this is set to 1( which would be
set in a function connected to a signal) but this just
makes my window turn black.
Any ideas?


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