Re: Compiling and installing gtk+

Your best bet is to edit the file /etc/ to include the path that 
includes the  glib-2.0.3 libraries that you just built and installed.  If you 
used the tarball and didn't tell it anything different, it would have 
installed in /usr/local/lib.  So make sure that /etc/ includes a 
line showing /usr/local/lib.  The advice about LD_LIBRARY_PATH is useful if 
you do not have root access or otherwise cannot modify /etc/

After you have updated /etc/, and in general whenever you have 
installed a new library, it is wise to run /sbin/ldconfig (as root).  This 
rebuilds the cache that the loader searches when it tries to link shared 

The usual sequence is:
	1.  ./configure
	2.  make
	3.  su to root
	4.  make install
	5.  /sbin/ldconfig
	6.  exit the su to root so you're back being yourself again



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