Re: string to guint conversion /w GTK+ 2

German Poo Caaman~o wrote:

El lun, 10-06-2002 a las 08:39, David L. Cooper II escribió:

There isn't an existing function to do this. You'll need to write it, which
you may have already realized.

Use the strtok function to tokenize the string (i.e. separate the numbers
from the commas). You call this function iteratively until you get to the
end of the string. Each time you call the function, it will return a pointer
to a character string that will contain one of the numbers. You can then use
a function like atoi (or a glib equivalent if there is one) to convert the
string to an integer. You can then put this integer intoa GArray.

strtok is unsafe and is unrecommended,  use g_strsplit instead.

gchar**     g_strsplit                      (const gchar *string,
                                            const gchar *delimiter,
                                            gint max_tokens);

THANKS, it works!

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