Broken GTK2-2.0.3 RPMs

Weew, Gtk2 is impressive. Wish more themes for it existed, but they will
in time, and I could also not be lazy about it and do it myself. Ah
Recently upgraded gtk2 and glib2 from the RH 7.3 stock standard to 2.0.3
so I could use the latest Pan - nice gtk2 interface there - and while
glib2 didn't cause any problems, gtk2 really didn't seem to want to
build as RPMs. It compiled properly, but the spec file (the design file
for RPM packages) was broken. Specifically, the %files section contains
the line:
while the files are really installed under
even for version 2.0.3 - at least, that's how it builds in the temporary
RPM directory before the build breaks. Same problem with the devel
%{_libdir}/gtk-2.0/%{version}/*/*a should be

Hope this helps anyone trying to make RPMs of gtk2. Well, that and the
bz2 packages' spec file expect a .gz instead, but a lot of programs do

Aaron Kurtz
Ignore false slogans.

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