Re: gtk_paint_string future

Dňa St, 2002-06-05 at 22:49, Chris Nystrom napísal:
> On 5 Jun 2002, Daniel Elstner wrote:
> > I just can't stand it.  That's so damn egoistic.  Yes, I honestly hope
> > others will be able to help you with the performance problems.  But
> > performance reasons just can't be taken as an excuse for not using
> > Unicode.
> If the performance is unacceptable, then the performance is unacceptable.
> If reducing the target user base is the only way the programmer can get
> his or her app to work to their standard, then that is their decision. If
> this is an open source project, you are free to improve it if you want.

You got the point. Nobody would use program with such a slow feedback if
there were more acceptable solutions. And adding support for unicode is
a matter of several lines to allow switching the cell renderers. Anyone
who could afford it could use unicode. For the others (who are the
primary target) 8-bits are enough.

> Either the library has to be sped up, or if it is a problem with the
> person writing the code, then the documentation needs to improve. Don't
> shoot the messenger. This is valuable feedback.

I can't affect the performance of the CellRenderer. The Gtk+ demos are
faster, but the difference is that my table is bigger (covers almost the
whole screen) and also more dense (12 columns).

> My $0.02,
> Chris

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