Re: gtk_paint_string future

On 5 Jun 2002, Daniel Elstner wrote:

> I just can't stand it.  That's so damn egoistic.  Yes, I honestly hope
> others will be able to help you with the performance problems.  But
> performance reasons just can't be taken as an excuse for not using
> Unicode.

If the performance is unacceptable, then the performance is unacceptable.
If reducing the target user base is the only way the programmer can get
his or her app to work to their standard, then that is their decision. If
this is an open source project, you are free to improve it if you want.

Either the library has to be sped up, or if it is a problem with the
person writing the code, then the documentation needs to improve. Don't
shoot the messenger. This is valuable feedback.

My $0.02,

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