Re: Tree in GTK

I used this, as well as loomking at ethereal:

Check it out!

On Fri, 2002-07-05 at 18:23, Arno wrote:
> Gary Douglas wrote:
> >The best tutorial on trees that I've found is to have a look at the
> >ethereal source in something like Sourcenav.  It's also gives a lot of
> >insight into the rest of GTK.  Sourcenav also allows you to "surf"
> >through the source, rather than hunting around.  
> >
> >I would also recommend using GTK2.0, and going through the tutorial and
> >API docs on the GtkTreeView and the renderer widget - it's pretty
> >straightforward if you follow their example.
> >
> >-gary
> >
> Hello, I download the source of ethereal, but ethereal was built with 
> gtk 1.2 and i want to use gtk 2.0. Like you can say in the mailling 
> list, i must use GtkTreeView instead that GtkTree. So I don't find 
> dowumentation about GtkTreeView. I see that this widget is very powerful 
> thanks to the demo : gtk-demo. But I have only the .h file to find the 
> function and it's not very easy.
> I fact, I would like to do this : 
> I want to realize the part of analysis packets. In Gtk 1.2, we could 
> realize a prt with the widget GtkCTree but without the color. With Gtk 
> 2.0 I think that it was realizable.
> Arno
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