Re: Re : Re: Send signal?

Yes :-) try



Vahid Zahiri wrote:

>  Hi John
>  I want get a selected text in other running
> application,
>  by send button3 click to my entry widget :)
>  are you know better way?
>  thanks in advance 
>  Vahid
> --- John Cupitt ng-london org uk wrote:
>>Vahid Zahiri wrote:
>>> I want send a click signal to a widget,
>>> is it possible?
>>It is difficult to make synthetic events which work
>>reliably, and you 
>>are not allowed to emit other widget's signals, so I
>>think this is 
>>probably impossible.
>>Why do you want to do this? Maybe there is another
>>way to accomplish 
>>what you want.

Coming soon: 
Aelbert Cuyp 13 February - 12 May 2002 

For information and tickets:

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