Re: pango_layout_set_text not returning?

On Thu, 2002-01-24 at 00:54, Jason Tackaberry wrote:
> I am seeing another strange problem where sometimes
> pango_layout_set_text (and also pango_layout_set_markup by extension, I

Sorry to keep bothering you, Havoc.  I think this may be a red herring. 
After commenting out a call to gdk_pixbuf_saturate_and_pixelate I made a
few lines above pango_layout_set_text, the problem with
pango_layout_set_text didn't occur.  (So I'm having my reservations
about gdk-pixbuf.)  Incidentally, this is glib/pango/atk/gtk+ from
today's CVS.

However, after repeating the procedure I used to cause the above
problem, I got this message on the terminal:

   Xlib: unexpected async reply (sequence 0x3a1ae)!

And the process started to eat all available CPU.

Now I suppose it's possible I am doing something wrong, but the
offending code can iterate thousands of times before I see any problems.

I'll wait on your input before I start working on a test case.

Thanks again.

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