Re: gtk- (redhat rawhide) GtkTreeView bug?

Boszormenyi Zoltan <zboszor mail externet hu> writes:
> I tried gtk-demo from the RedHat rawhide's gtk2-
> I found it quite nice and stable for most things.
> However, the "Editable Cells" demo crashes when I do the
> following: select one of the cells is the last row and
> press the "remove item" button.
> The selected cell remains on the screen in a  selected
> but not edited state, the other cell in the just deleted
> row disappears.
> When I click on another row or move with  the arrow keys, I get this:
> gtk-demo (pid:24566): Gtk-CRITICAL **: file gtkliststore.c: \
> line 543 (gtk_list_store_get_value): \
> assertion `GTK_LIST_STORE (tree_model)->stamp == iter->stamp' failed
> Segmentation fault

Should report this at

> And a question: is it possible to build (and install) *both*
> the X11 and GtkFB versions of gtk2 with one compilation?
> I think that something like libGGI's dispatcher could be used to detect
> the display type is's running on. Or at least an environment variable...

Not yet at least, all you can do is build twice then install to
different prefixes.


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