key input get grab by other widget


I run into another "I do not know how to do" difficulty, and need advice.

My application has a drawing-area, menu, and a frame with check-button in it.

In the drawing-area, I assign "key press event" to it. It work find for key
like "a" and "b", but does not work for arrow key. Once I press a arrow key,
the "check button" grab that input, and subsequently, all key is grab by the
"check button". The same will happen if I point at the menu-bar and click in a
empty space following by pressing a key. What I need is:

If the pointer is in the drawing-area, drawing-area should grab all key event.

Is this possible, or there is any good workaround?


Eng Han

PS: As gtk-list gnome org is a private email, is there a public news-group for
me to seek advice? Thanks.

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