Re: Dialog Window

Paul Davis wrote:

Sometime ago someone told how to make a "dialog window" to get the control of the application..


Mmmm, I didn't explain myself very good...

My program has a main window with a GtkGLArea waiting impatiently for events to occur on it...

Then I have a window (I call it file_name_window) to select the file I want to load into my GtkGLArea..

This window has just a GtkEntry, an "OK" and a "CANCEL" button, and a "BROWSE" button that being clicked opens a GtkFileSelection Window. When the file is selected (in the GtkFileSelection) it updates my file_name_window's entry.

If I use gtk_window_set_modal() I cannot interact with the GtkFileSelection Window...

What I want to avoid is my GtkGLArea catchin' events while I select a file.

I thought it would have to do with gtk_window_set_transitent_for, but this function just keeps my "file_name_window" on top of the main window, which continues receiving events..

How should I proceed?

Thanks again..

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