At the end of my tether with gtk_adjustment_value_changed()

I am getting a little frustrated now:

I have a signal handler setup to do stuff when an adjustment receives a
value_changed signal.

This works except when I want to explicitly want to emit a value_changed

I have set the adjustment value two ways:

gtk_adjustment_set_value (adjustment, (float) key); /* key was an int
originally && >= 0) */
and also adjustment->value = (float) key;

and then tried to different ways to send out the signal so my callback
would be run:

gtk_signal_emit_by_name (GTK_OBJECT (adjustment), "value_changed"));


gtk_adjustment_value_changed (adjustment);

none of them seem to emit a value_changed signal cos my callback is not

What am I doing wrong ?? Am I completely misunderstanding the use of
these functions!!???

Cheers for any help

James Vanns

James Vanns BSc (Hons) MCP
Software Engineer (UNIX / C)
Galleon Ltd.

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