Re: [INIMSS] Which is the best place to initialize widgets in a window.


Will the events, map_event & expose be triggered multiple times in the
life of a window?

My understanding is that the map event will be triggered only once,
during the creation of the window for the first time, but the other one,
expose, will be triggered each time the window or widget comes to the
foreground (ie, its visible on the screen).


Paul Davis wrote:
> >Which is the best event handler to be used for initializing the widgets
> >in a window, (to load data into it).
> the expose event is where the widget gets drawn, so that would be the
> obvious place. just do your stuff, and return FALSE. the regular
> drawing code will then happen as expected, using your data.
> i sometimes use map_event for widgets that need to be rebuilt every
> time they are "mapped" (XWindow terminology for the step of taking the
> X server data structure for a window and making its contents appear on
> a display). however, in general, i think you should be using the
> expose event.
> --p
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