Re: What event has happened?

    I think you misunderstand my meaning. I want to get the signal emit by the app window when 
    I move the mouse in anywhwere of the virtual desktop, the enter_notify_event and the leave_notify_event is
    emit only the mouse enter the app window and leave the app window. I must do some special work when 
    my app move out of the monitor border in vertual screen or even the visual position of the app window changed,
    I just don't know if there are such signals in gtk. Maybe  the gtk don't care about these situal and left it to be done by 
    Xserver.  I have try many event but they doesn't fit. Sorry about my poor English.
    Thanks anyway!
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> Hi, I think you need "enter_notify_event" and "leave_notify_event". The 
> event watch in testgtk uses these sugnals.
> John

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