Gtk+ 2.0.6 configure problem

Hello to all!

 First of all, I'm Linux newbie, but I configure, compile and install
 about 20 and more programs, sucessefull :)

 I have Linux 2.4.18 (Slackware 8.1.0), XFree 4.2.0, (CPU is Cyrix 6x86
 200+ -> 150MHz, non MMX), and I get newest versions of:

 - pkgconfig 0.12.0
 - freetype 2.1.2
 - glib 2.0.6
 - atk 1.0.3
 - pango 1.0.4
 - gtk+ 2.0.6

 ... and I configure, compile and install all of them, except Gtk+. Why?

 Well, when I start

 #./configure --enable-debug=yes

 and configuration start, after lot off successefull tests I get error

 config.status: creating m4macros/Makefile
 config.status: error: cannot find input file: m4macros/

 And when I look in /m4macros there is nothing! m4macros directory is
 apsoluteli empty!

 I get gtk+-2.0.6.tar.bz2 archive from in size 6118141 bytes.
 Whats wrong? How to configure, and compile Gtk+ 2.0.6?

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 Registered Linux User 280650 [] :: SLACKWARE LINUX

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