Re: create gtk dll

Hi, there's a gtk on win32 mailing list, they may be able to help you:

try gimpwin-dev.

Mullin Yu wrote:
> I'm new to gtk, and want to know whether it allows me to do the 
> following or not?
> I use standard C to write a dll which is compiled on Windows platform by 
> using VC++ 6.0's nmake. There are some functions inside the dll, and 
> those will be called by the 3GL programming language. It's alright.
> Now, I want to know can I insert some coding on the dll, that means the 
> C program, that will be able to open up a dialog box from the dll after 
> triggered by the 3GL program. I guess putting some gtk coing on the dll, 
> most likely the function.
> Then, the user can type something on the dialog box, send back the 
> values to the dll, and finally back to the 3GL program.
> Any comments on this?

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