GtkText in GTK+-2.0 is matter of GTK+-1.2?


I'm doing provement for gaim with gtk2.
and face an i18n problem.

first of all, take a look at here:

this is screenshot of gaim for gtk2 with my little patch.
it does well getting contact list etc.
but cannot chat with other person in my native language:

like about dialog does, chat dialog uses GtkText as input form.
but GtkText does not allow GTK+-2.0 stuff,
such as XFT, context menu allowing input method list, etc.
GtkText in this GTK+-2.0 is really broken, worse than that of GTK+-1.2
for the matter of i18n.

yeah, there's GtkTextView the powerful and clear.
but gaim has already many #if-#else-#endif block for all-branches-in-one.
and I don't like to do heavy job like that.
I just wanna do thing as simple as possible.

Is there something I missed?
I did bind_textdomain_codeset(PACKAGE,"UTF-8"); with another two command;
and call gtk_set_locale(); explicitly,
thou I know gtk_init() of gtk2 does it internally.
and I'm using full XFT=1 environment, so there's nothing for gtk1 rc.

it's disappointment to see a situation like this.
even deprecated, GtkText is a widget of GTK+-2.0 obviously.
I cannot understand why GtkText does not harmony with XFT environment.
I'll analyse balsa HEAD for a sample of GtkText in GTK+-2.0.

pliz help me.

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