What version of gcc to use with glib, atk, pango and gtk+?


I wonder what version of gcc that is optimal to use
for compiling glib, atk, pango and gtk+ on Linux i686
(RedHat 7.3)?

I used gcc 3.0.4 for compiling:

    glib 1.0.6
    glib 1.2.10
    glib 2.0.6
    gtk+ 1.2.10
    gtk+ 2.0.6
    atk 1.0.3

But for these two I got compile-errors with gcc 3.0.4
so I used gcc 2.95.3 and it worked:

    gtk+ 1.0.6
    pango 1.0.4

Sorry, I must have missed it in the docs but what
version of gcc is to prefer when compiling these
applications? gcc 2.95.3, 3.0.4, 3.1.1 or maybe 3.2?

          Best regards / Friedrisch

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