Re: Problem with linked lists


Szymon Bąkowski <szymonbakowski klub chip pl> writes:

> Second question:
> I wanted to use in the same program function g_list_position but I`m not
> sure If I assigned wright the second argument
> of this function - it shoud be some element of my list, and I should be able
> to chceck his position but I`m not sure if temp_elem
> could be this element and hou it should be assigned.
> for example: (assuming that I my list is big enougth)
> komp_list = g_list_next(komp_list);
> komp_list = g_list_next(komp_list);
> komp_list = g_list_next(komp_list);
> temp_elem=komp_list;
> pozycja_lista = g_list_position(komp_list,temp_elem);
> g_print("the position of element is %d\n",pozycja_lista);
> //for example should be 4 assuming that we start counting from 0

the result will be 0 since komp_list is the list starting with
temp_elem (both variables point at the same list element). The mistake
you make here is that you don't save the start of the list. You should
always keep a pointer to the start of the list and use a second list
pointer to iterate over it.

Salut, Sven

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