Re: Help: After install glib-2.0.6, can't find glib.h. (but it's there!)


Karl and Tanya Pizzolatto <karlandtanya earthlink net> writes:

> I'm trying to install the latest gtk+ in order to compile and use
> MJpegTools & some other stuff.
> I'm having some trouble.  I think my problem is libraries (include files?), 
> or whatever tells the system where they are.    I started my process by 
> building and installing glib-2.0.6.  Next, I tried to configure some 
> packages that depend on it (atk-1.0.3, pango-1.0.4) and they don't seem to 
> be able to find the libraries. 
> The error message is "checking for GLIB - version >

I see pkg-config lives in /usr/bin while you installed glib-2.0 into
/usr/local. Did you set the PKG_CONFIG_PATH variable so that it looks
in /usr/local/lib as explained in the pkg-config man-page?

Salut, Sven

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