question: colors, visuals, please help to understand


  I need to allocate colors in PseudoColor and change their values
in runtime (gtk+-2.0). GDK allows me to allocate a writeable colors
in colormap via gdk_colormap_alloc_colors. But the problem is all
functions I've found are deprecated: gdk_colors_store,
gdk_color_change, gdk_colormap_change.

  This (as I think) means that there will be no support for writeable
colors in future. It's not important for the True/DirectColor but in
the PseudoColor one of the most important features (ability to change
entire screen/window look after colormap change only) will be missing.

Q: if I'm wrong, please tell me, is there another way (with non-deprecated
function) to change the writeable color value ?
  Q: if I'm right (and there is no another way and this is a bug) should
I report to bugzilla ?
Q: if I'm right (and there is no another way and this is a feature) is gtk
really going to the TrueColor-only world?

I'm a deeply sorry if this a stupid or silly question, but I've made two posts and
got no answer.


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