Re: Pixmap performance

Deekshit Mantampady wrote:
>        I have a small doubt regarding pixmap. I have a pixmap with
resolution of
> 10000x10000 pixels. How fast the image will be rendered ? Assuming I have
> scrolled window of size 100x100. How about the scrolled performace(Will it
> smooth)..? If this is not the efficient way to display large images, is
> any better alternative for the same.

Hi Deekshit, my app displays large images.

I mmap() the image file and then for each expose event render just the 
exposed section from disc to the display. It's quite fast and smooth.

I did my own code, but I think the new gdk-pixbuf library in gtk2 will 
render sections of images. The trick (if there is one) is just to not 
ever deal with the whole thing at once.


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