Re: 2 (simple?) questions

Krzysztof Magrel wrote:
>>>2. How can I change active widget? Tab key only can change coursor
>>>to the next widget. I want to change active widget from
>>source level. (It
>>>depends what user of program will do). I know that it is
>>not possible for
>>>some widgets (ie.labels, etc).
> I use gtk-1.2. I tried to find, but niether gtk_widget_grab_focus or
> gtk_widget_activate doesnt work for me :(
> And for 1st question i have no Idea :_(

Hi, gtk_widget_grab_focus() works for me, what problem were you having 
with it?

There are a bunch of freeze/thaw functions in gtk+-1.2, but they don't 
work very well and have all been removed for gtk2 (I think). gtk2 is 
much more sensible about painting the screen and you don't need this trick.


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